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Your Choice Of Funeral

A Funeral Service is part of the healing process for those we leave behind and to honor those from which we must part.  It expresses our love for those who have parted.   Let us help you in selecting the service that best fits your needs and your loved ones wishes.  

We offer a variety of Services to best serve our communities among the services we offer are: 

                                                        List of Services
A Complete list of Services and Prices is available at our establishment for your convenience. 
For a Sample of what we offer  Click Here
Funeral Home

* Viewing or Closed Casket
*  Home Viewing 
* All Night Viewings
* Burial or Cremation
* International Ship-outs
   (Mexico and South America)


We offer a large variety of Metal Caskets
from 48 oz Bronze, 32 oz Copper, 18 Gauge Steel, 20 Gauge Steel. 


Pure Wood Caskets: 
Cherry, Mahogany, Poplar, Maple, Pecan, Ash & Oak

Other Caskets

Veneered Caskets, Cloth Covered Caskets and alternative containers, etc...

We also offer a large variety of Urns

and Printed Materials

Cemetery Properties

We work with all major Cemeteries.  We strive to find the lowest prices for your before or during your time of need.  If your are looking to sell a property we may be able to assist you.  Please contact us for a full list of Cemeteries and see how we can help. 

*Free Refreshment Rooms

With every viewing service at our installations we offer a complementary room where you can offer basic refreshments to your guests i.e. Coffee, Cookies, Water, Sweet Bread, etc.

*Monthly Memorial Mass

Honoring those who have gone home is part of our ministry.  St. Jude Free Catholic Church offers a monthly memorial mass on behalf of all who have passed on during the month in previous years. 

Join us for a wonderful mass of remembrance and dove release tribute every month. 

Please call for dates

Free Online Obituary

We are honored to offer an obituary on our site for your loved one, or email one to a local newspaper free of charge upon your request and approval.  

*Ample Parking
& Multiple Bathrooms

* Indicates Services available at Home Office Only
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