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The Best way to cover expenses for a funeral is Pre-Need insurance, this way you know how much you are paying, what you are getting and you even get to have a say into the details of your service.   However, more often families come to us with a Term Life Insurance Policy.  These have the advantage of paying higher premiums HOWEVER, they take up to 60 days to pay out since a Certified copy of the Death Certificate must be submitted and this itself can take up to 30 days to be received. This often means that the family has to pay the funeral cost up front and wait until all paperwork has been processed. ​ In order to assist our families we have partnered with C&J Financial,LLC. For a 3.98% on the policy amount, money is made ready to pay for funeral Services within 24 Hours & cash advances up to $25,000 for beneficiary. ​ If you would like to use a Life Insurance Policy please bring it when speaking to our representative so we can submit it for validation. ​

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